Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health

September 30, 2020

As we enter the final months of what has certainly been an unprecedented year, health and well-being have perhaps never been more at the forefront of our thoughts. The ongoing pandemic has shown us that it continues to be imperative for us to make our physical health a priority

An Hour That Could Impact a Lifetime

September 24, 2020

Our daily schedules can be tough to juggle, especially when there is that “one more thing” to fit in. Especially now, when we have a new set of COVID-19-related challenges to navigate, like video work calls, shifting school schedules, and more. But if you’re a woman age 40 or older, there’s one extra thing you should make time for – an annual mammogram. It’s one hour, once a year, that could save your life.

Person Memorial Hospital Summer/Fall Community Newsletter

September 22, 2020

When 2020 began, no one could have predicted the journey we have found ourselves on over the last several months. At Person Memorial Hospital, our fight against COVID-19 has made our team stronger, our hospital safer, and our ability to care for you better than ever. This issue of Making Communities Healthier takes you inside our hospital for a look at what we are doing to keep our patients and guests safe when receiving care, offers some great tips on how you can help stop the spread of this disease, and much more!

Don't Take a Chance with Your Health – Get Vaccinated for Flu Season

September 15, 2020

At Person Memorial Hospital, our mission is to Making Communities Healthier. One of the most important ways we do that is by ensuring that our community understands how to fight preventable diseases, like the flu. And given the challenges posed by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic this year, it has never been more important to be proactive about your health. Fortunately, you can do a few simple things to protect yourself, your family, and our community; prevent the flu from spreading, and even speed up your recovery if you do become ill.

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